US Army Corps of Engineers

Led a cultural diversity professional development training as part of its annual Career Enhancement Workshops (CEW) - the workshop focused on business communication, transitional leadership and personal brand development.


Developed and facilitated a one-day workshop divided into three areas with a direct correlation to how valuing cultural diversity adds to the professional development, growth and advancement of the workforce

Johnson & Johnson

Assessed the lack of a solid ongoing multi-functional strategies, senior leadership stewardship and accountability, change management goals and strategic diversity initiatives that show cultural intelligence and competency as well as drive business imperatives.


Research, wrote, delivered and presented two strategic plans to senior leaders - one addressed the global needs of diversity and inclusion within the Johnson & Johnson structure and one addressed the first phase of change communication initiative led by an information technology upgrade.

National Organization for Workforce Diversity

Developed workshop design and facilitated training for senior corporate leaders in strategic diversity course - the workshop including role-playing, critical thinking and written reflection focused:

  • Fundamentals Of Diversity (Defining Diversity, Perception of Diversity - Stages of Awareness, Evolving Demographics, Difficulties Resulting from Increased Diversity and Organizational Responses, Challenges for Management);

  • Defining Cultural Competency (Levels of Competency, Valuing Differences in Competency, Hierarchy, Bias, Power and Privilege, Organizational Effectiveness);

  • and Communication & Messaging (Styles of Communication, Challenges to Effective Communication, Communicating Cultural Differences, Do’s & Don’ts in Communication).

The Academy for Communication Excellence

Lend customization to meet the needs of the particular organization by contributing strategic diversity insight to their communication leadership teams As a member of this esteemed academy.


Help clients gain key insights around workplace diversity, drive advocacy for issues of inclusion and improve management and measurement of their reputational assets through strategic planning.

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