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Our Team

We work to help remove communication barriers and discover ways in which can alter, adjust and amplify their communication methods in order to make both employees and consumers feel valued, understood, included and respected.

Our mission is to serve as architects of Culture, Communication, Diversity, Change and Community.

We drive clients to:

·  Embrace culture as ever-evolving element that transforms organizations.

·  Execute communication strategies that strengthen brand position and value.

·  Engage diversity goals that become woven to the fabric of business imperatives.

·  Empower change within internal environments for the sake of driving innovation.

·  Establish community by defining the road and the destination to inclusion.

We know that many organizations face serious workforce dilemmas in communicating to diverse audiences internally and externally through traditional methods. Our team has more than 20 years collectively servicing organizations and its leadership. We are a team of consultants located across the globe with expertise in communication, diversity/inclusion, human resources and organizational leadership. 

Who We Are 

More and more leaders are afraid for their business.  Not because their brands and organizations are not innovative or relevant, but because they connect with the changing face of today’s consumers and the ever-evolving workplace.


Our company is a communication consultancy committed to helping organizational leadership transform culture at all levels. We become an organization’s strategic planning partner with a unique passion for building more inclusive workplaces and a deep expertise in all related aspects of communicating to diverse audiences.


Our vision is that businesses across the world would actively seek to engage with multicultural communities in order enhance the talents of their workforce and develop a deeper connection with consumers they reach. Our goal is to deliver customized strategic plans, large-scale trainings, and one-on-one coaching based on the practice of communication to help our clients build sustainable, authentic and inclusive organizations/brands.

Our core values are as follows:

  • We enjoy transforming organizational culture and human potential.

  • We define success by helping organizations get to their desired destination.

  • We thrive in innovative environments and collective communities.

  • We appreciate change and the shift it introduces to culture.

  • We model authenticity and fearlessness by inspiring action and empowerment.

  • We start conversations around why diversity and the need for cultural intelligence will represent the new strategy for sustainable business growth.We celebrate cross-cultural competence and extract risk-learnings with a strategic lens and entrepreneurial spirit.

A message from our leader Dr. Aerial Ellis


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