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Learn how to listen

with authenticity and

to lead with cultural 

intelligence -

the new strategy for sustainable business growth through

diversity & inclusion.

In this ever changing business landscape, we have witnessed diversity shifts on all levels and seen how inclusion can improve the organizational culture. Concerns about race, age, gender, religion, ability, and more are ever-evolving. You need continuing education for yourself, professional development for your teams, and competitive advantages to offer your clients. 

The Listen, Learn, Lead! program is developed for professionals interested in creating an inclusive and supportive culture that promotes equal opportunities and engages in difficult conversations - this includes leaders, managers and team members responsible for efforts in strategic communication and organizational culture seeking an independent study with an interactive personalized approach.

Intercultural Competence for Leaders 

If you’re a leader of people or process who cares about creating cultures of belonging at work - then this is the experience for you. This digital series is exclusively for leaders who have the task of designing, communicating, implementing and executing diversity and inclusion practices, programs and plans. This eight-week training model has a curriculum divided into four modules including:












Intercultural Communication

  • Fundamentals of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Connecting Demographic Shifts to Organizational Strategy

  • Race, Power & Privilege

  • The Concept of Unconscious Bias

  • Microaggressions and Microinequities

  • Audience Behaviors 

  • 365 News Cycle

  • Influence of Politics

  • Crisis in Culture

Intercultural Sensitivity

  • Navigating through Religion and Belief Systems

  • LGBTQ and Inclusion 

  • Empowering Women

  • Disability and Special Needs Accommodations

  • Generational Intelligence

  • Veteran Support and Outreach

  • Immigrants in Workplace and Society

  • Socioeconomic Efforts



  • EEO Laws in the US and Abroad

  • Building and Leading Diverse Teams

  • Resource Groups and Diversity Councils

  • Strategic Planning, Purpose and Partnerships

  • Leadership and Board Development

  • Global Contexts in PR

  • Impediments to Intercultural Competence



  • Recruiting and Retention

  • Executive Commitment and Sponsorship

  • Next Generation of Equity

  • Boardroom Diversity

  • Supplier Diversity

  • Improving Approach to Bottom Line

  • Global Best Practices

  • Leading Large Scale D/I

  • Innovation through D/I

  • Advanced Data Insights and Analysis

Each of the four workshops in this series are 60 - 90 minute self-guided sessions and include digital workbooks and a one-on-one review.


This series is $1195 per person, and $9000 for 10 employees max.


We recommend completing the entire series for sustainable cultural impact.

Other course modules taught separately include:

The Intergenerational Approach: From Opposition to Optimism 

Know Your Blindspot: Understanding Implicit Bias 

Beyond the Buzzword: Getting Intentional about Diversity

Communicating the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

Next Generation Diversity: Grooming Millennials for Leadership

Intercultural Competency for Effective Communication

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