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Learn how to listen

with authenticity and

to lead with cultural 

intelligence -

the new strategy for sustainable business growth through

diversity & inclusion.

In this ever changing business landscape, we have witnessed diversity shifts on all levels and seen how inclusion can improve the organizational culture. Concerns about race, age, gender, religion, ability, and more are ever-evolving. You need continuing education for yourself, professional development for your teams, and competitive advantages to offer your clients. 

The Listen, Learn, Lead! program is developed for professionals interested in creating an inclusive and supportive culture that promotes equal opportunities and engages in difficult conversations - this includes leaders, managers and team members responsible for efforts in strategic communication and organizational culture seeking an independent study with an interactive personalized approach.

Course modules include:

  • The Intergenerational Approach: From Opposition to Optimism 

  • Know Your Blindspot: Understanding Implicit Bias 

  • Beyond the Buzzword: Getting Intentional about Diversity

  • Communicating the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Next Generation Diversity: Grooming Millennials for Leadership

  • Intercultural Competency for Effective Communication